Did You Already Fall Off?: How to Get Back to Your Exercise Resolution

— September 02, 2020

You don’t have to completely loathe working out if you change your perspective a bit. Here are a few realistic tips to picking up your exercise resolution if you've fallen off. STOP CALLING IT WORKING OUT: Try some other words that irritate you less like movement, dance, maintenance (yes, maintenance). If the term working out makes you not want to do it, give it a name that better affirms your motives. STOP ASSOCIATING IT TO YOUR BODY ONLY: Exercising reduces anxiety, helps with myriad health concerns and release endorphins that increase happiness. When you’ve convinced yourself that exercise is only for the purposes of “getting fine,” you may feel a slump in your self-esteem if you stop. Yes, exercise helps us achieve certain body types over others, but the other benefits are great too. DON’T LET PEOPLE CRITICIZE WHAT YOU LIKE: A trainer once told me “Yoga isn’t a real form of exercise,” even though three consistent months of doing it helped me achieve incredible peace, a stronger core and crazy-toned arms and legs. It worked for me. Do what YOU like regardless of what anyone else thinks. IT’S NOT ALWAYS A MOTIVATION ISSUE: Many people assume they don’t exercise because they’re not motivated, but we do tons of things on a daily basis without some sort of super human motivation. It’s really boils down to making it a part of your routine. You do things every single day out of sheer routine, so exercise has to be one of them. Like anything else, if you turn it into a habit, you’ll feel like something is missing if you start to fall off. Do you have any workout habits?