Creating a Straight Cut That Works For Curly Hair

Myleik Teele — December 08, 2020

Maintaining a straight cut that can be worn both curly and sleek is achievable. You simply need to know which cuts work while wet. Take notes. 1. MUST HAVE LAYERS: This is actually a cardinal rule for curly cuts, too. Layers give your curls shape and volume, which eliminates a flat, mushroom look. No bueno. 2. BOBS WORK BEST: Those with long locks won’t have a serious issue rocking their curls, but mid-length hair hotties may run into trouble. If you’re looking for a style that looks great while kinky, a graduated bob is a good choice because of the tapered neckline, layers and longer tresses in the front that will frame your face whether wet or dry. 3. BUZZ THE BACK: A cute, chunky bang with sides that gradually get longer as you reach the neckline looks darling with a straight cut, but a little disastrous with a curly cut. Think: textured mullet. Unless your hair is well past your shoulders, you should always opt for a cut where your front tresses are even or longer than your back tresses. 4. HEART-SHAPED: The heart-shaped cut is achieved by cutting your curls to mimic the shape of a heart. The top stays voluminous while the bottom layers are strategically layered and slightly tapered at the nape of the neck. The cut is perfect for naturals who frequently fuss with longer tresses in the back (just chop ‘em). What's your favorite natural-to-straight cut? Photo: @shannonthornt_n