Caffeine: The Secret to Better Hair & Skin?

Nov 26, 2018 Skin 0 comments

Caffeine works wonders for the hair and skin. Take note of these five ways to incorporate it in your regimen for beautiful skin and hair this winter. 1. CELLULITE: When added to an exfoliant, caffeine helps tighten blood vessels, which helps rid of cellulite. 2. FACE: A coffee facial scrub can brighten the skin and prevent clogged pores. The acid also acts as a slight chemical exfoliant. This is perfect for those gloomy weeks where your face looks quite dry and dull from the cool air. 3. HAIR REFRESHER: For brunettes, you know that ashy brown color your curls can take on in the middle of winter? We can remedy that. Make a paste of coffee grounds and water and apply it to freshly shampooed hair to boost dull strands. Let it sit for fifteen minutes and rinse. 4. HAIR GROWTH: Hair products containing caffeine help stimulate hair shaft elongation and the cells responsible for hair growth. 5. EYES: Caffeine-infused eye cream helps quickly rid of under eye puffiness. This one is kind of amazing. Do you use caffeine in your regimen? Photo: @optimumblend


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