Bomb-ass Baby Hair Tips

— September 02, 2020

Creating bomb-ass baby hair is made easy with the 3-n-1 Baby Tress Styler. This multifunctional beauty tool has a flexible comb to separate your baby hairs, a brush to swoop and a rat tail end to define. Here are our ultimate tips to creating the baby hairs you’ve always wanted.

1. Separate your baby hairs with the "comb" side of your Baby Tress Styler, including the hairs around your sideburns.

2. Determine if gel or pomade works better for you. For those with finer textures, gel works well. For those with thicker textures, a thick pomade is the way to go. Apply it to your hair, first.

3. Use the "brush" side of your Baby Tress styler to perfectly swoop your edges into your intended look. Use your rat tail to create loops.

4. Use a scarf or a paper wrap strip to cover and set edges for 15 minutes.

5. Use a blow dryer on a light setting to dry your edges and ensure they don’t revert or lift. Spritz a bit of hairspray or finishing spritz onto edges to set for the day.

You still have time to snag a The Baby Hair Box featuring Baby Tress and TEN edge gel stylers for just $30!