Benefits of a Pre-Shampoo Treatment 

Taylor Winbush — April 27, 2021

If you don’t already use a pre-shampoo treatment, you’ll absolutely add it into the mix after reading this helpful Q&A on the benefits of this simple step. 


Do I REALLY need a pre-shampoo treatment? 


CB: Actually, yes. You’ve probably noticed the influx of pre-shampoo treatments popping up everywhere, but they’re really beneficial to curly hair. Yes, it’s an additional step in your regimen but it makes the rest of your wash day much easier. Pre-shampoo treatments were created to help ease tangles during your wash and cut down on snags and knots. 


Who is a pre-shampoo treatment really for? 


CB: Great question. Though all curl types can use a pre-shampoo treatment, it’s especially great for certain textures and styles. If you’re a 4-type who’s prone to tangling during the shampoo stage, a creamy treatment will help soften curls and prevent them from bunching up during your wash. If you have hard water, cream and oil treatments are life-savers, as they deposit conditioners into the hair cuticles (essentially coating them) to help prevent your strands from absorbing a ton of pollutants during your initial rinse. Also, if you’re the girl who uses a TON or product, including sticky gels, thick, heavy stylers and edge control, this treatment will help dissolve your gunk and make that first wash really count. 


Cool. So how do I actually use a pre-shampoo treatment?


CB: To use: 30 minutes before your wash, apply your African Pride Aloe & Coconut Pre-Shampoo to dry or slightly dampened hair. Certain ingredients work better on moist strands. Smooth it through your hair and massage your scalp to dissolve dirt and product build-up. You can cover with a cap and rinse before adding shampoo. After that, simply continue with your regimen. 

African Pride Pre-Shampoo Curlbox


How else do pre-shampoo treatments work? 


CB: Here are three tips to help solidify a pre-shampoo treatment as a routine part of your regimen:


PRE-SHAMPOO TREATMENTS ACTS AS DETANGLERS: Try this if you like to gently begin the detangling process before shampoo to prevent tangles. Your typical sudsing cleanser won’t help detangle your curls much, but a pre-shampoo like your African Pride Aloe & Coconut Pre-Shampoo softens, silkens and smoothes curls the moment you apply it. Use your fingers, wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to get started.

THEY WORK BETTER POST-PROTECTIVE STYLE: After taking out a protective style, you’re prone to a lot of shedding and your strands may be brittle. We usually recommend doing either a pre-poo or a pre-shampoo treatment to dissolve build-up. It immediately breaks down dirt, weeks of product build-up and melts tangles. 

PRE-SHAMPOO TREATMENTS ALLOW YOU TO SKIP CONDITIONER IN A PINCH: If you’re in a bit of a rush and can’t do your normal routine, use a pre-shampoo treatment. Its creamy texture and moisturizing formula allows you to shampoo and go straight to styling (with the use of a leave-in) if you’re super low on time.

Will you add a pre-shampoo treatment into your regimen?