bathroom selfies: 3 tips you need

— September 02, 2020

design (24) In a world of selfies, the bathroom pic can either go right or VERY wrong. Here are a few tips to executing with creativity. 1. CHECK YOUR ENVIRONMENT: You already know to skip the ugly bathrooms and opt for the stalls with a little character. Whether you’re going for opulence or whole-in-the-wall grit, make the bathroom your set. Choose a bright wall for a selfie, or a clean mirror sans a group of people in the background. 2. STAND IN THE LIGHT: Standing further away from the light will ensure a dark photo. Find your light and lean into it for a better, clearer photo. Many bathrooms have overhead lighting. You’ll want to stand just behind it’s stream, allowing it to cast a slight spotlight on you. But watch out for shadows. 3. TAKE IT STRAIGHT ON: Taking your photo straight on means keeping your phone just beneath your chin. It allows for an even distribution of light and you get a good glimpse of your outfit. A shot from an upward angle could eclipse your light. BONUS TIP: GRAB YOUR GIRLFRIEND: Grab your girl and create a moment. The best bathroom selfies are the ones where you and your friend slay together. Play with angles and take turns taking centerstage. One friend should always be in the background with a playful take. Photo: @lania.theresa