ask curlBOX: how do I stretch my curls?

— September 02, 2020

In our new installment "Ask curlBOX," we'll answer style and maintenance questions from the #curlboxcrew. Let's get into it. "How do I stretch my curls?" curlBOX: We get this question a lot. If you suffer from massive shrinkage, knowing how to stretch your curls with a little heat is a GODSEND. You'll need long clips, a blowdryer with a medium to high setting and nozzle-tip attachment (if the blowdryer doesn't already have one). TIP #1 - PULL AND GUIDE: Use long clips to secure the hair you're not stretching, and start at the nape of your neck. The key is to grab and stretch the section with your hand. Run the blowdryer quickly across your roots for two seconds in an up-and-down motion and, if you want serious length, quickly run it down the rest of the section to the ends. You focus on your roots because you want to maintain definition on the ends. The key here is to swiftly move the blowdryer. Remember, you're not trying to dry your hair, you're simply guiding the heat to stretch the pattern. USE OIL LAST: Using oil before stretching your hair can sometimes cause it to completely silken out. Yikes! Save the drops for major shine factor when you’re finished. Take a few drops of your Castor, Grapeseed, Argan, Coconut & Olive 5 Essential Oils and scrunch it throughout your hair.