Are You Using the Right Blow-dry Technique?

— September 02, 2020

Are you using the correct curly blow-drying technique for your desired result? Here are three ways to reconsider.

UPSIDE DOWN BLOW: Sounds kinda kinky, huh? It’s not. This technique works best for hair that has a moderate drying time, meaning curls that don’t take more than two hours to dry. Longer textures will likely find this texture too tedious and we totally understand. For medium lengths, this might become your favorite way to dry. After fingerstyling your wet hair, tip your head upside down and blow-dry from this angle. Of course you can take breaks and stand right side up and blow-dry, but remember to shake your hair a bit as you dry. This method helps dry your hair in a stretched position, as well as add a springiness and fluff you won’t get from a head dryer. After your hair has dried 75% of the way, you can feel free to air dry or quickly run your dryer across your roots.

HEAD DRYER: Ah, the go-to. Your head dryer gets the job done when you want to have an emphasis on downward elongation or when you want to set a particular style - coils, roller set, two strand twists, clumping. Depending on your type, the head dryer will remove that whole cool, twisty, crazy, kinda wild look you’re going for. Of course, you can always add chaos later by picking the roots and pulling a few curls here and there.

WAVY DIFFUSING: Diffusers actually add volume to limp curls without disturbing your curl formation, which is not what some curlies are desire. Volume is usually not a huge problem, however they do help dry the hair without the added frizz that general blow-drying can sometimes create.

Which blow-dry technique is your favorite?

Photo: @conair