Agave for curly hair straightening

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You’ve probably never thought to use agave extract to get the silkiest blowout, but the ingredient is actually perfect for heat-styling natural hair. Here’s why. Agave, sourced from the agave plant, contains amino acids that naturally bond with your stands and improve elasticity, strength and shine. When infused into heat-styling treatments like Design Essentials Agave & Lavender Thermal Protectant Creme, agave seals in moisture, smoothes the cuticle and assists in delivering the sleekest blowout. Agave actually rejuvenates the hair while helping to straighten it. You’ll notice a serious reduction in frizz and reversion. This thermal protectant is infused with not only agave, but also lavender (promotes hair growth) and mango fruit butter. After blowdrying, apply a pea-sized amount (or nickel, depending on length and thickness) to strands and flatiron1-inch sections. Here are three tips to help you get a long-lasting blowout: INVEST IN AN IONIC BLOW-DRYER: This blow-dryer works wonder to silken thick, coarse hair. These dryers remove water from your tresses at a faster rate, lessening the potential of heat damage. It also gives a straighter, sleeker straight blowout. FLATIRON SMALLER SECTIONS: Keep your sections small to ensure accuracy and an even distribution of heat. Also, keep the temperature below 330 degrees to help maintain your curl pattern when you decide to revert.


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