A Modified Sage Burning Ceremony in 5 Steps

— September 02, 2020

Have you ever done a sage ceremony? If you’re not familiar, sage smudging is a sacred, ancient tradition with Native American roots. The forms of smudging we tend to do now are a modified version that mainly have medicinal, and cleansing benefits. The medicinal herb, when burned, is said to emit a smoke that purifies not only the air, but can also help ward off negative emotional vibes and spirits. If there are a few things you need to clear away just before the new year, here’s how you can have your own modified sage ceremony.

1. CLEAN YOUR SPACE: It’s best to perform a sage ceremony in a clean space that’s more conducive to meditating.

2. SET INTENTIONS: Have a few intentions in mind. What do you want in the new year? What do you need? What do you desire? What do you need to rid of? Remember that smudging is a way to connect to the Divine. What does that mean to you?

3. SMUDGE SLOWLY AND INTENTLY: Pick your smudging spaces purposefully. Is your bedroom a source of anxiety? Does your living room need to re-energized? Were you recently sick and need to purify the kitchen?

4. SPEAK MANIFESTOS AS YOU SMUDGE: While smudging, speak positive affirmations out loud while slowly waving your smudge stick.

5. REST: It can be easy to smudge and then go about your life/tasks, but take a moment to sit in the stillness and reflect for at least ten minutes.

HOW TO SMUDGE: You do not need a full sage stick, as a few leaves are equally beneficial. Sage is currently limited in quantity. Simply take a few sage leaves and light them. Use that smoke to do your smudging.

Photo: @theflowerchildbruja