A Henna How-To: Here's What You Need To Know

— September 02, 2020

If you’ve never used henna to color your hair, you’re in for a treat with your Reshma Henna Rich Conditioning Semi-Permanent Hair Color. Here’s a crash course on using it for curls. WHAT IS HENNA? Henna is a natural herbal powder from the Henna plant that contains an effective coloring pigment called Lawsone. The dye, which exhibits an orange/red hue, releases color as its leaves are crushed. HOW DOES IT WORK? Henna binds to the protein molecules of the skin and hair. It naturally darkens as its absorbed. HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? Reshma Henna Rich Conditioning Semi-Permanent Hair Color lasts between 4 - 6 weeks. DOES HENNA HAVE ANY OTHER BENEFITS? Yes! Henna actually conditions the hair and helps fight against bacteria, making it particularly useful for certain scalp issues. It also helps restore damaged cuticles and works perfect for anyone who’s allergic to chemical hair color. HOW SHOULD I USE IT? Reshma suggests: Pour the Reshma Henna powder into a bowl. Gradually add water. Mix thoroughly into a thick creamy, paste-like consistency. Wear gloves (included) to protect against staining. Apply paste to hair evenly with application brush (included). Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse well until water runs clear, then shampoo and condition. For curls, make sure to massage it into your strands like you would any other type of hair color. IS THERE ANYTHING I SHOULD DO BEFORE OR AFTER? Don’t wash your hair for at least a day before applying. Try to apply it to hair that doesn’t have tons of product in it. Don’t wash your hair for at least 24 hours afterwards.