7 Things You Can Do to Get "Ahead" This Week

— September 02, 2020

We know many of you will be in complete vacay mode for a few days this week, but for those of you who’ll be chilling at home, take a look at the ways you can use your downtime to “adult” and get ahead. 1. CHECK YOUR CREDIT SCORE: We’re not trying to put a damper on your 4th of July plans (as we know this causes anxiety for some), but if you have some free time, check your score and consider the ways you can raise it. 2. SET NEW GOALS FOR THE LAST HALF OF THE YEAR: You only have one half of the year left to complete your goals. Re-align by taking a look at your current goals, then create new ones or adjust. 3. FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU’LL SAVE BY DECEMBER: Set a plan to save a certain amount of money by December. 4. REFRESH YOUR CLOSET: Take a look through your closet and pull out pieces you want to donate or give away. Note the pieces that will transition well into fall, along with a few extra essentials you may need. 5. PLAN YOUR CHRISTMAS GETAWAY: Are you considering going out of the country for Christmas or New Years? Look for flights and destinations now while the prices are reasonable. 6. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SALES FOR GIFTS: Take advantage of some of the 4th of July sales to buy holiday gifts on clearance. 7. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR WORK VERSUS YOUR PASSION: Are you doing what you love? Do you need to make a game plan for an exit by January 2020? Now’s the time to get planning.