6 Ways to Fix/Combat Frizz in Protective Styles

— September 02, 2020

Ahhhh! Don’t you hate it when your protective style starts to frizz up on you! Here are some tips to controlling the poof. 1. USE POMADE: When you initially get your twists done, have your stylist apply a bit of stiff pomade to your hair as he/she twists or braids it. It will slick your hair into the style and help prevent frizzing for weeks. 2. USE HAIR SPRAY AND SQUEEZE: Sounds crazy, but spray the top of your twists or braids and squeeze the hairspray into the sections to help smooth your hair. The hairspray can be reapplied every few days, if necessary. 3. REDUCE FRICTION: At night, make sure to tie up your hair down and completely flat against your back with a silk scarf. Ponytails and other styles create friction, which leads to frizz sooner than later. 4. USE A LONG SCARF: Try to find a scarf that, when tied up, covers the bulk of the length of your style. 5. TAKE A LIGHTER TO IT: With braids, you can sometimes combat frizz by quickly running a lighter across the length of the braid and quickly smoothing it. This works well with kanekalon hair. Make sure NOT to light the area where your actual hair begins and ends. If you're not comfortable doing this, ask a friend who's done it before. 6. RE-TWIST THE ROOTS: Like you'd re-twist locs, you can retwist the roots of braids after a wash to make them look new. Use a combo of your REFRESH+ Aloe Vera Biotin Hydrating Hair Milk and RESTORE+ Restoring Hair Treatment Balm. How do you manage your protective style?