5 Ways To Work on Your Dreams on New Year's Day

— September 02, 2020

Here are a few ways to get a head start on your dream-building for 2019.

1. Write a “Glory Report.” This is a list of 20 or so of your greatest career/personal accomplishments this year. Instead of reading like a list of skills, it should read like a special list of your specific achievement in various projects and awards.

2. Make a list of contacts or potential clients you want to approach. Go through your contact lists and determine who should get an email, handwritten letter or small gift. These are important people who can assist you on your career climb. You may also spot a few contacts that you should reach out to immediately for assistance on their upcoming projects.

3. Find a mentor. This person could be someone you know or a public figure with a number of books, conferences and other teaching tools that inspire you. Either way, pick a person with a path you’d like to model.

4. Plan a vacation. Knowing that you’ll be in South Beach in less than three months helps you focus. Reward your hard work.

5. Eliminate health distractions. Make a list of the health issues that may be plaguing your productivity. Are you fatigued? Do you need more endurance? Should you make a change in your diet?

Photo: @lovefola