5 Ways To Show More Love This Week

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Here are five ways to show more love this week. It's safe to say we all need some. 1. GIVE AN UNEXPECTED HUG: Hugs are a customary hello for many of us, but even they can sometimes get caught up in rituals of every day life. Really, truly, hug someone this week. Embrace them so tight it surprises them. Platonic physical touch is a lost art these days and people want to be reminded that they deserve affection, too. 2. PAY IT FORWARD: It’s a small but very welcomed gesture to pay for the person’s drink behind you in line at, say, Starbucks. It’s not about the drink, really, it’s about the fact that you took to time to help someone. If you can afford it, try it. 3. SEND SOMEONE FLOWERS FOR NO REASON: There’s a person on your mind who you’ve been meaning to reach out to. Maybe they just completed something or they’re getting married. Maybe they got a new job or they just closed on a house. Surprise them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You have no idea how much they’ll appreciate the gesture. 4. SAY THE WORDS TO SOMEONE WHO’S NEVER HEARD IT: There’s a person in your life who’s never heard you say “I love you.” Could be a family member, a friend or the person you’re dating. Say it. Say it now. 5. VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT: Ask someone who needs assistance and actually follow through. Try to pick a task they’d have a hard time getting someone to do. How will you be showing love this week?


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