5 Tips to Refreshing Your Face For Your Zoom Meetings

— September 02, 2020

We're probably ALL doing a bevy of video conferences these days, but, due to general fatigue or not getting enough fresh air, we might not be present as bright and fresh as we usually do. Here are a few tips freshening up your look. 1. CLEAR YOUR SINUSES: Have you been eating a lot more dairy? You may have some additional sinus blockage, which are a major culprit of dark under eye circles. You can use a nasal spray like this one, or a baby nasal aspirator to quickly drain your sinuses in the morning. 2. DO A SUN SALUTATION: A yoga sun salutation gets your blood flowing and wakes up parts of your body. Your face is guaranteed to look better. 3. DON’T FORGET THE BLUSH: Applying blush adds warmth to your face, which gives you less zombie appeal on screen. We dig a great creme blush like Cloud Paint from Glossier. 4. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE: A hydrated face will always look more alert and fresh. Mix your moisturizer with your concealer and apply it to your eyes. To wake up your foundation, spritz rose water on your face midway through application and finish with a round sponge. 5. DON’T SKIP YOUR BROW HIGHLIGHT: Your eyes will always give away a long night of quarantine insomnia, so combat the look of fatigue by swiping a little shimmer just beneath your brows (to brighten) and dabbing on a little shimmer in the middle of your lids. How are you keeping your face fresh? Photo: @widnybazile