5 Tips to Banishing Dry Winter Skin Once & For All

Myleik Teele — December 08, 2020

If your skin is feeling particularly dry, you're not alone. Tis' the season for winter flakiness. BUT, fear not. We have five easy tips to hydrating and reclaiming your softness.

1. REMOVE MAKEUP WITH OIL: You’ve likely heard the recent hype on oil cleansing, but many women have been doing it for years. Doing a pre-oil wash is a fantastic way to remove makeup without interrupting your skin’s moisture levels. For dry types, avocado or olive oil works like a charm. For normal to oily, grape seed oil is your best bet. The oil quickly dissolves your makeup, allowing you to wipe it off gently and follow up with a cleanser, mask or exfoliation.

2. USE A BUTTER-BASED EYE CREAM: There are many eye creams on the market, but a butter based eye cream will keep tired, sensitive eyes in good shape. Some women simply use cocoa butter or unrefined shea.

3. MASK ONCE A WEEK: You should have a regimen that includes a steam (can be done with an at-home facial steamer or simply by pressing a hot towel onto your face for 7 - 10 seconds), exfoliation (can be done with brown sugar and water or baking soda if you’re having some acne issues), followed by a mask. For best results use a clay mask like bentonite or Rhassoul (red moroccan clay) for sensitive types.

4. GO AT LEAST TWO DAYS MAKEUP-FREE OR MINIMAL MAKEUP: We put A LOT of stress on our faces everyday. If you’re an everyday makeup-wearer, take at least two days out of the week to wear no makeup or minimal amounts. Let your skin breathe.

5. TAKE A B-COMPLEX: B vitamins keep your skin, hair and nails in a healthy state. We recommend getting your daily dose of biotin, b12, b6 and niacin from a supplement derived from actual food. Mega Food Balanced B Complex is staff-approved.

Photo: @til_shyloh