6 Tips to Achieving Seriously Poppin' Curls

— September 02, 2020

Super poppin' curls are achievable for every curl type. Here's how. 1. SHINGLE LIKE CRAZY: We typically pat and fingercomb the product through, but you need to do a combo of this AND smoothing, which is commonly known as shingling. While the hair is wet, you should be vigorously and continuously smoothing on your custard or gel until you see a defined kink, curl or wave. 2. BRUSH THROUGH, THEN FINGERSTYLE: For finer, softer textures and patterns, sometimes you’ll get greater definition by brushing through the product in sections while your hair is sopping wet. Follow up by fingerstyling that section. NEVER just brush and blow dry. You’ll have a ‘fro. Brushing can occasionally help you achieve a smoother pattern just before fingerstyling. It’s a good pre-smoothing technique for the hair when just fingerstyling doesn’t do the job. 3. DON’T MIX IN MOISTURIZER: We totally get you wanting to mix in that super soft moisturizer into your custards and gels because your hair is dry, but, unless you’re two-strand twisting, you will compromise a little definition for hydration. When fingerstyling, stick to JUST using your styling aid, which is formulated to bond your curls together for a defined look. Scrunch in your moisturizers after your hair is dry. 4. CONSIDER BRAIDING YOUR ROOTS WHEN TWISTING: For ever-puffy roots, braid an inch down from the root and continue twisting. This will control your twists and still give you an amazing texture. 5. COIL SECTIONS: A super simple way to get incredible definition out of your two strand twist is to coil each of the two pieces of your twist and then proceed with twisting. This method not only cuts down on frizz but it also extends the life of your twist. 6. ADD EDGE CONTROL OR BEESWAX: Add just a little edge control paste or beeswax to your Earth Supplied Curl Poppin’ Activator. Smooth the mixture together until it emulsifies and then apply it. Seems weird at first, but it helps your curls smooth and bend perfectly to the shape of the twist. Again, use just a LITTLE.