5 Things You MUST Remember in the New Year

Bridget Anderson — December 31, 2020


5 Things You MUST Remember in the New Year

Photo: @theacaciamcbride

2020 was TOUGH, right? Usually, at the end of the year, there are a slew of posts with well- intentioned messages of productivity and goal-setting. This year was different. A lot of your growth was likely far more emotional and spiritual and we want to honor that. Here are five things we want you to think about as we cross over into 2021.

YOU SURVIVED: This is no small feat. In a year with too many ill-timed deaths, count your blessings that you are still here. Look in the mirror and marvel the fact that you continue to exist despite everything that was thrown at you.

YOU HAD SIGNIFICANT GROWTH: Whether it felt tangible or not, you GREW this year. Take a moment and journal a few of the ways you felt a shift in your mental, emotional and spiritual areas. You’ll find that you really overcame quite a bit in a short amount of time.

YOUR BODY WEIGHT DOESN’T DEFINE YOU: This is a big one. Your entire lifestyle changed this year, and your body probably did, too. Guess what? That’s okay. Whether you have a few\ extra pounds or you lost some weight, your size doesn’t determine your worth. Your body is beautiful with ALL of its changes. Give yourself grace in the ebbs and flows of dealing with an international crisis.

YOU HAVE A WARRIOR SPIRIT: Here’s another journal prompt: What did you defeat this year? It could have been downsizing at your job. Maybe you ended a bad relationship or started a new, great one. Perhaps you gave birth in the middle of a pandemic. Maybe you finally believed in yourself for the first time. Write it down. Clap for yourself.

YOU REMOVED THE VEIL OF PERFECTION: For many of us, this was the year we allowed people to see us raw. Unfiltered. We allowed co-workers into our homes via zoom. We went makeup-less. We didn’t care about dressing to the nines to impress people we don’t know. If you really think about it, you’ll probably discover that you were more vulnerable in many aspects of your life than ever before, right? Right.

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