Taylor Winbush — May 04, 2021

Are you making the most of your Hask Curl Care Enhancing Mousse? Here are our top tips to using it to create defined, amazing curls. 


Photo Cred: @zakiaflemming


STYLE DAMP HAIR, NOT SOAKING WET HAIR: Mousse will give you more bang for your buck if you use it on lightly towel-dried curls. Applying mousse to soaking wet curls tends to thin out the product and reduce its defining abilities. 


GET YOUR ROOTS: Make sure to get your roots when finger styling with mousse. Due to its light consistency, you have to make sure to vigorously smooth your roots. Start by parting your hair into sections and applying the mousse directly to your roots. Unless you see definition, your curls won’t be defined. 


COMB THEN FINGERSTYLE: Mousse really defines your hair when you first comb it through and then finger-comb those portions. Just before getting under the dryer, shake your entire head to let the curls fall where they may. 

Hask Curl Care

DON'T MIX WITH OIL: It may seem tempting to add a little nourishing oil before styling, but this will only lessen the defining powers of your mousse. Save your 


COIL LOOSE ENDS: Mousse really gives you the opportunity to manipulate straight ends in roller sets or braid-outs, so it’s perfect for transitioners. You can also try physically coiling your ends if there’s a little curl memory left. 



TWA PERFECTION: This mousse works PERFECT for TWA wash-n-go styles. It has a medium hold when used generously. Apply to towel-dried hair (again, this will give you more definition) and vigorously finger-comb the product through. You can also brush it through with a paddle brush and then use a shingling or clumping technique (smoothing clumps of curls together) for crazy definition. 


Which styles do you use your mousse to create?