5 Reasons to Stop "Doing" Your Edges

— September 02, 2020

1. They're beautiful: Unmanipulated edges are gorgeous. They bare a fullness that really adds to your style. You don’t always have to slick them down. 2. They accentuate your style better: Though sleek edges accentuate certain styles better than others, semi-frizzy edges work so well with bed head styles, big buns and bohemian looks. 3. They're stylish: Unruly edges have more editorial appeal, so keep it unkempt for your cooler looks. 4. They're unapologetic: Don’t ever be ashamed of letting your natural texture shine through. 5. They're a sign of health: We previously wrote about how thick, full edges are a sign of good hair health, so feel free to let them spring in every way possible. BONUS TIPS: If you’ve been having issues with thinning edges, here are our top three tips to growing them back. 1. RELEASE TENSION: Newbies make the mistake of always wearing their natural tresses in a puff. Usually pulled back a tight elastic band, this is a major no-no. After a while, it starts to tug and pull at your edges, making them fragile and thin. Regular ponytail wearers should also take heed. Don’t wear a ponytail style for longer than two days. Let your hair breathe. 2. STOP INFLAMMATION: Inflammation is the culprit for most hair loss. The scalp may be damaged or irritated, causing the edges to thin and fall out. If you have a sensitive scalp plagued by psoriasis or dermatitis, sometimes oils can make it worse. Try switching to pure vegetable glycerin for your edge and scalp remedy. Those who can use oils should try massaging Jamaican black castor oil onto the area everyday. 3. LEAVE OUT YOUR EDGES IN PROTECTIVE STYLES: Make a special request to your stylist to leave out your edges when getting a faux curly style to ensure that they will not be pulled to the high heavens for six to eight weeks. When wearing braids, tell your braider that your edges should be braided securely but NOT tight. Photo: @elonblu