5 Non-Romantic V-Day Plans to Consider

— September 02, 2020

V-DAYYAY No partner? Simply not feeling the day? Cool. We’ve compiled a few non-lame things to do (that won’t make you roll your eyes) on Valentine's Day. 1. DON’T DO ANYTHING: If you’re single or simply away from your significant other, there’s this burdensome idea that you HAVE to celebrate Valentine’s Day in some alternative way. You don’t. Relieve yourself of the pressure of having to celebrate if it’s contrived and feels like more of a chore than something fun. It’s just a day, guys.You could engage in a wonderfully-long nap. 2. INDULGE A LITTLE: There is something on your cheat list. A buttery, cheesy sandwich. A pizza from a local eatery. A dessert so rich, it makes your eyes roll back in your head. Eat it, honey. Today’s your free pass to indulge and treat yourself. We’re not advocating you eat your feelings, but it’s totally fine to consume a few extra calories sans the guilt. 3. ENGAGE IN SELF-LOVE: Seriously, a trip to the spa seems so cliche but you’ll love it. Pick a spa that offers more amenities for downtime like salt rooms, different types of saunas and reading areas. After work (or if you’re taking the day off) head over for a service and stay for a few hours to relax, relate and release. 4. TRADE IN SWEET ACTIVITIES FOR ADVENTURE: You already know most restaurants and trendy bars will be full of couples, so do something totally adventurous with a group or a friend like paint-balling, laser tag or shooting at the gun range. 5. BINGE-WATCH SOMETHING NON-LOVE RELATED: You could literally fall into the abyss of Netflix on Valentine’s day. If you’re not into anything love-related (for obvious reasons) here are our picks. The Stranger (Netflix, one season) is a BBC series that follows a mysterious stranger who literally goes around upending people's lives by telling them an earth-shattering secret about a member of their family. Whoa. They've Gotta Have Us (Netflix) is an Ava Duvernay-powered documentary that shares candid reflections on Black cinema from Black entertainers. SO. GOOD. If you’re really trying to go in the complete opposite direction of love, try watching horror flicks like Jordan Peele's Us, a feminist horror romp like Jennifer's Body (Amazon) or watch the most recent Oscar "Best Picture" winner Parasite (Amazon). Do you care about V-day?