5 Mantras to Adopts Before 2019

— September 02, 2020

Some of you are already in break mode, so here are some mantras to adopt as we head into the new year. FIND JOY: Happiness is fleeting, so what you really want to look for is joy. Joy can come in good and bad times. Set a simple intention to find the joy in three tasks over the holidays. Try to create one for a familial, friendly and romantic moment. SPIRITUALITY IS FREEDOM: Find your spiritual foundation this season. It doesn’t have to be what you grew up on, nor what your parents are constantly trying to push upon you. Set an intention to look deep inside and figure out what speaks to you. What works for your lifestyle? What aligns with your beliefs? I’M MY OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL: Say it as many times as it takes to believe it. You are your own kind of beautiful. Take some downtime over the holidays. COMPARISONS ARE COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE: Here’s one from Myleik: Don’t compare yourself to other people. Social media makes comparison seem like a natural thing. It’s not. Set an intention to deny comparisons during the holidays. You’re on your own path and nobody can walk it but you. FUN IS NECESSARY: Millennials love to be busy. It’s admirable on one hand yet unhealthy on the other. While you’re making plans for 2019, don’t forget to have fun on purpose. Sometimes, fun requires a purposed effort. Plan it. Do it. Have it.