5 Items For Your Emergency Natural Hair Car Kit

— September 02, 2020

Stuck somewhere away from your arsenal of products? Fighting off a zombie apocalypse? Either way, here are the products you should have in your emergency hair car kit. POMADE: You can’t get slick edges without a thick pomade. Don’t be foolish and think that your moisturizer will do the trick. Employ a heavy-duty pomade for ponytails, pompadours and updos that need staying power. LONG BOBBY PINS: For long, thick hair, only long bobby pins will keep your hair in place. They’re typically very sturdy and will keep your buns and updos from unraveling. Use the smaller bobby pins to affix pieces within the style but use the long bobby pins in the actual foundation of the style. LEAVE-IN SPRAY: Usually, a spritz will help you restyle a frizzy area or rework a piece you’ve messed up. Add a little of your Palmer's Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave-in Conditioner to a travel-sized bottle and keep it in your kit. ELASTIC HEADBAND: The elastic headband is one of the most helpful items you can have in your kit. It can instantly transform a wild fingerstyle into a cool puff or a chic, elevated pony puff. It’s perfect for rainy (or snowy) days when your finger style or twists start to shrivel up right before your eyes. BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH: A boar bristle brush is rather magical. It smoothes natural hair without damaging your tresses and you can also use it just before shampooing to help stimulate hair growth. BONUS: HAIRSPRAY: Hairspray is the one product that helps quickly finish a look. You’ll want this in your kit because it can quickly turn a disastrous style into a kind of cool look. Opt for a travel-sized spray. What's in your natural hair car kit? Photo: @sunnyineverycountry