— September 02, 2020

We believe that self-care means to not only relax, but to pour into yourself creatively. Here are a few ways to take some time to recalibrate for 2019. 1. WRITE: Put down your phone and grab a journal or tablet. Skip the to-do list and actually engage in a little creative writing. Maybe you can focus on your dreams. What are some unresolved thoughts you need to get down on paper? How are you generally feeling? What more do you want from life? Is there a short story that’s living inside of you? Take a moment to dim the lights, enjoy the scents and explore your mind. 2. STRETCH: Seriously, we don’t stretch enough throughout the day. It wakes up the muscles and helps to loosen chronically tight areas. Stretching also makes you feel less sluggish during your afternoon or evening slump. We recommend getting in a good stretch in between all of that snacking and lounging. 3. TAKE A CREATIVITY BATH: What is this, you ask? Studies show your best ideas come when you’re in a positive mood, so emerge yourself in a bath with lemon, geranium and rose, which are all known to increase positivity. You can use lemon and geranium essential oils, along with rose petals. 4. CONSUME ART: Plan to visit one gallery during the break. Read eccentric pieces you find on the web, follow oddball yet lovely Instagram accounts, READ, and fill yourself up with things that stretch your imagination. Always, always, always be looking for something that challenges your way of thinking. It will allow you to create from different, nuanced perspectives. You know who’s ALWAYS reading? Myleik. 5. ALLOW FOR TARGETED QUIET TIME AND MEDITATION: Try spending a full 15 minutes NOT talking to anyone or indulging in music, TV or the internet. Great ideas often come in stillness. How will you be practicing self-care during this break? Photo: @lozamaleombho