5 easy curly makeovers

— September 02, 2020

Giving yourself a quick makeover in under an hour is easy with these tips. 1. COLOR YOUR TIPS: You don’t have to give yourself a life-changing color job to actually completely renovate your look. Just coloring the tips a shade that’s 1 – 2 levels higher will refresh your style. If you have black tresses, try auburn tips. If you’re blonde, try staining with golden brown that's just a few shades deeper. 2. GET A CUSTOM WIG: A wig will change your life. Myleik has several gorgeous pieces that allow her to switch up her look whenever she likes. If you want pieces that are ready-made, try perusing True + Pure Textures. Or if you want a super custom look, take some curly hair pieces to you stylist and let him/her create a wig for you. 3. TRY NEW WRAP/HEADBAND TRENDS: Wrap up your hair with half turbans, high wraps and headbands made of twisted fabrics. 4. CLIP IN A BANG: Seriously, this is the easiest way to quickly rev up a look. Use 1 – 2 faux curly clips to fluff up the look. 5. SPRAY IN A NEW COLOR: These spray color from Dark & Lovely Go Intense Color Sprays come in a number of different shades. Spray them on the side of your curls, a small section within your fro or maybe all over.