5 Conditioning Tea Rinses for Curly Hair

— September 02, 2020

What’s a tea rinse, you ask? It’s the method of pouring tea through your strands to strengthen your scalp and overall hair health. Here are the top five brews we love. HOW TO PREPARE A TEA RINSE: Boil enough water for at least two large cups of tea. Use 2 - 3 tea bags and allow the mixture to steep for 10 minutes. Let it cool and pour the liquid through freshly conditioned hair over the sink or in the shower. Squeeze dry and style as usual. HORSETAIL: Horsetail tea is fantastic to use for brittle, dry hair. It also assists in promoting a healthy urinary tract (when you drink it, of course). BURDOCK: Burdock tea promotes blood flow to the follicles and is perfect to use for hair growth and scalp purification. NETTLE: Nettle tea is a strengthening rinse for thinning textures. HIBISCUS: For you redheads, a hibiscus rinse helps extend the life of your hair color. Bi-weekly rinses work wonders. BLACK TEA: Black tea adds much needed luster and shine to dull curls. It also enhances dark brown and jet black shades. Photo credit: @smithteamaker