5 Bedtime Skin Enhancers For the Frugal Girl

— September 02, 2020

There are five frugal rituals you can do before bed to encourage better beauty rest. Check it out. 1. TAKE MAGNESIUM BEFORE BED: Magnesium quiets the mind and assists in hydrating and healing the skin. Take a little before bed for maximum cell regeneration. Cost: $9. 2. APPLY AQUAPHOR UNDER EYES: Your eyes are much more likely to be irritated during the fall season with allergies and colder weather. To ensure you wake up with fresh eyes, an old school trick is to slather a layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor ointment under your eyes before bed. They're both non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and are considered occlusive moisturizers, which means they prevents water loss. Cost: $6. 3. RUB LAVENDER ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET: Your feet absorb essential oils better than any other area on your body. Rub lavender essential oil across the bottom of your feet to almost instantly relax your entire body and encourage a deeper slumber. Better sleep, better skin. Cost: $8. 4. BURN JASMINE INCENSE: The scent of jasmine encourages joy and happiness. We suggest burning it at the end of the day to stop negative bedtime thoughts in their tracks.This is a great de-stressing method. Cost: $7. 5. SPRITZ FACE WITH ROSE WATER BEFORE BED: Spritzing your face with rose water locks in your moisturizer and gives your face a hydrating boost just before going to bed. Cost: $7. What are your nightly rituals?