4 Ways to Use Your Cantu Style Stay Frizz-Free Finisher

Oct 24, 2018 Category_Hair How To

Your Cantu Style Stay Frizz-Free Finisher is a curly girl hairspray with tons of soft hold. Here are a few ways you should use it.

1. USE A LITTLE TO ASSIST YOUR BLOWOUT: If you have super soft hair that can tend to be a little limp, sometimes you want more spring action. We suggest shaking your dry, pre-prepped hair upside down, and spray in your Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray. A few sprays is all you need. Take your blow-dryer on a medium setting and stretch your curls, gently applying heat at the roots. The hair spray will give you a super springy look.

2. USE IT TO SECURE INDIVIDUAL CURLS: This one is a no-brainer. Hairspray helps control flyways and cowlicks, and it also helps with defining the ends of your coils. If you suffer from frizz halfway through the day, try fingering a little hairspray on the ends to keep your curls from separating.

3. STIFFEN TWISTS FOR INSTANT DAY 2 HAIR: When dry-twisting your hair, apply just a little hair spray with your cream or mousse to instantly de-soften twists a bit for a more textured look with slightly more frizz. Get instant day two hair.

4. DEFRIZZ YOUR PROTECTIVE STYLE: While wearing Marley twists and box braids, spray just a bit of hairspray on the front twists and braids of your protective style to keep frizz at bay. Spray and wrap up at night to smooth super frizzy styles.

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