4 Wash Tips for Bonnet & Scarf Care

Nov 06, 2019 Hair How To, curlbox 0 comments

Have you ever thought how you should wash your bonnet/scarves? We've simplified it for you with these four steps.

1. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I WASH MY BONNET/SCARF? You should wash your scarf/bonnet at least every two weeks. If you use a TON of products and your scarf/bonnet is covered in a ton of products, you may want to switch to once a week.

2. WHAT SHOULD I WASH MY BONNET/SCARF WITH? We recommend sticking to detergents formulated for sensitive skin to prevent forehead breakouts or rashes from heavily scented soaps. For an incredibly mild wash, consider hand washing with a combination of castile soap and baking soap. Hang to dry.

3. ARE THERE ANY PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE WHEN WASHING MY SCARF/BONNET? If you tend to use a lot of greasy formulas, consider a separate wash from your clothes to prevent any potential stains.

4. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I CHANGE MY BONNET? There’s really no specific timeframe for replacing your bonnet, but, if you go through a serious hair issue involving an allergic reaction or a fungal or bacterial issue, wash frequently and replace your caps often.

How do you take care of your bonnet/scarf?


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