4 types of detangling every natural should know

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Are you a new natural? Take a look at these easy ways to detangle. DRY DETANGLE: Gasp. We know. How dare you attempt to detangle your precious curls when they’re dry? Many people find that dry detangling just before shampooing assists in the wet detangling process. Shampooing can sometimes cause clumps that make your conditioning detangling session an absolute nightmare. We suggest applying a little leave-in or regular conditioner to your dry hair and attempting to do a quick finger detangle. You can also use a comb. Put your hair in large twists just before shampooing to reduce re-tangling. FINGER-DETANGLE: Some curlies choose to forgo tools altogether in favor of using their fingers. The key is to wiggle your fingers through your strands, and then use a claw-like method to detangle afterwards. CONDITIONING DETANGLE: Obviously, this is the most popular and usually the most effective when it comes to removing knots and revealing your true texture. Add a little coconut oil to your conditioner and tightly cinch a small bundle of hair in your hand near the ends. Comb the ends until they’re smooth. This will prevent you from yanking and snagging your hair at the roots. BRUSH DETANGLING: This method works particularly well for those with very thick hair. An amazing paddle brush works it’s way through strands with the help of Cantu Curl Stretcher Cream Rinse. Spread generously through wet hair and use the same method as the conditioning detangle. FOR EXTRA ADDED "SLIP:" What is “slip,” you ask? It’s the magical silkiness that occurs when you apply conditioner to your curls. 1. ADD AN OIL (if REALLY needed): Adding in an oil is definitely a great way to add more slip to your conditioner. We suggest coconut oil, which is the absolute slipperiest. Olive oil is a close second, followed by jojoba. 1 – 2 tablespoons should do the trick. 2. APPLY A LITTLE HEAT: Sometimes your conditioner needs the help of a steamer or dryer to really penetrate your strands and give you a good slip. The heat will help open the cuticle and give you an extra amount of softness. 3. LET IT SIT: We know, we know. You want your conditioner to start working the MOMENT you apply it. However, some formulas need 3 – 5 minutes to actually penetrate your hair shaft. This might even be longer for natural hair, considering your density and length. Apply your conditioner, making sure to squeeze the product into your strands, and let it marinate. How do you like to detangle?


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