4 Things To Remember When You're Feeling Insecure

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Here are a few things to remember when you’re feeling insecure. 1. FEELINGS ARE TEMPORARY: You’ve heard this before and you know it to be true. Your feelings are not to be denied but they are not to be wholly trusted, either. You may be “feeling” insecure because of something small like a breakout or conversation that didn’t go too well. Just remember that feelings should be used as markers to push us inward. Think: Why am I feeling insecure? Did something happen? Once you consider the reasons why, you’ll likely be able to pinpoint a solution and a way to move forward. 2. REMEMBER YOUR GIFT: Everyone has a gift of some sort. When you’re down in the dumps, remember that amazing thing only YOU can do. Maybe you can sing, sew, great at bringing people together, ect. Remembering your gift will help you meditate on the fact that you are needed and wanted. It will help you rediscover your parts of your worth. 3. ENVIRONMENT PLAYS A BIG PART: Yes, it’s true that your environment can stir up your insecurities. Though we must be always try to remember our value regardless of where we are, paying close attention to who and what in your life that’s contributing to your self-doubt is tantamount. Are you around people who constantly criticize you? Do they belittle you? Do they simply not understand you and you always feel like you have to explain yourself? Are you constantly comparing yourself? Removing yourself from those environments (including a social media fast) will almost always help you reset. 4. RETURN TO YOUR CORE: Return to the people who know and love you. The people who nourish you. When you’re feeling insecure, it’s important to surround yourself with love, especially the tough love of people who won’t denounce your feelings, but WILL combat negative speech. Read passages of books that uplift your spirit. Write a note to your self. When in doubt, exercise because it helps release endorphins. Find your happy, folks. Photo credit: @aysha.sow


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