4 Things To Remember Before Your Next Trim

— September 02, 2020

Do you have a trim coming up? Take a look.

1. REALIZE THAT NO TRIMS EQUALS SHORTER HAIR: Your hair is constantly growing and shedding. And, since you’re obviously a part of the #curlboxcrew, you’re likely a style chameleon, which means you suffer from split ends occasionally. Maintaining routine trims helps you retain your length while enjoying the ability to change styles often. If you forgo trims due to fear, your split ends will get the best of your length.

2. BE DIRECT WITH YOUR STYLIST: Yes, it’s true that many stylists are scissor-happy for some reason, so when you go in for your trim, have an honest discussion with your stylist about the health of your hair. Explain that you simply want a trim, not a cut, which should only shave off about an inch or two. If your stylist tells you that you need more cut off, ask why. Usually, your stylist simply wants to keep your hair in it’s healthiest state and that may require several extra inches if you’re suffering from some sort of damage.

3. SCRAGGLY ENDS RUIN YOUR SHAPE: You can always tell when you need a trim because your ends have likely begun to ruin your shape. Your curls won’t curl like they usually do and your detangling sessions are much longer. Trust us, it’s simply not worth it. Get a snip.

4. ITS JUST HAIR: Honey, it’s just hair. Above all else, you really want healthy hair. THAT’S your goal. Whether its short or long, it’s beautiful because its yours.

Photo credit: @taty_froever