4 Styles Ideas for Day Five Hair

— September 02, 2020

FullSizeRender (4) Whether you’re rocking a fingerstyle or a two-strand twist, day five can either be your most stylish day or a complete frizzy mess. If your curls generally start to turn on you near the end of the week, here are four styles that easily transform your hair. FullSizeRender (3) This one from @curlbellaa is an absolute fav. As a reinvented updo, it employs a few braids and broad cuffs to to keep it interesting. FullSizeRender (5) We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this look spotted at @bronnernaturals. It works perfect for a twistout that's gone flat. FullSizeRender (6) We're always here for a half-headwrap. Instead of your using your fabric like a traditional headband, create a half-turban. FullSizeRender (4) We went with another look from @curlybellaa. These decorated french braids are so much fun. This look works well for the day of an event when your fingerstyle refuses to work with you. Which look would you try on day five?