4 Quick Ways to Change Your Curls If You're the "Boring Styler"

— September 02, 2020

If your friends know your exact three hairstyles because you never, ever change it, this is for you. Here are a few tips to breaking out of your typical style rut. 1. TAKE IT UP – Manipulate your hair by doing a dry twist, which creates softer, wavier tresses. Brush up the sides and the back, twist upward and leave out tresses in the front. Use long bobby pins to secure the twist from the inside. Take the remaining curls, flip back, and tuck and pin in the “poof” where the twist ends. Use a light spritz of hairspray to finish. 2. USE BRAIDS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE – For curly girls with long tresses, accentuate your length and volume by creating a “princess headband.” Section off two bulky pieces of hair on both sides of your head, braid, and pull those pieces across the back of your head. Use two medium-length bobby pins to secure on both sides and your frizz now seems purposeful and pretty. 3. TRY A TEXTURED BUN – A textured bun is a fabulous way to create a no-fuss style. Spritz your hair with a leave-in spray. Brush up tresses if you want a slick style. For a messy bed-head bun, simply grab loose tresses, twist, and secure with long hair pins. 4. USE PINCURLS/HEADWRAP – With natural hair, you can still achieve some of your favorite “straight up-do’s”. Stretch curls with a medium-heat blow-dryer and mold into pin curls. You can cover this look with a head wrap at night, then unravel in the morn for fluffy curls. What would you try?