4 Facts You Should Know About Your Pattern Specialty Box

— September 02, 2020

Delivering luscious oils and intoxicating botanical extracts, your Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern speciality box is full of ah-mazing goodies. Here are four fast facts you should know.

1. SPECIAL SCENTS: Tracee specially curated the line's signature scents. You’ll find jasmine, bergamot, sweet neroli, rose and patchouli among its blend.

2. LOW POROSITY GEM: Your Pattern Medium Conditioner was specially created to deliver hydration to low to normal porosity levels without weighing your curls down. Low porosity hair doesn’t have the ability to hold much moisture. The hair cuticles tend to be very compacted and moisturization can become very difficult.

3. HIGH POROSITY HYDRATION: Your Pattern Intensive Conditioner was formulated to hydrate high porosity, tightly coiled textures. Those with high porosity hair can easily absorb water but tend to need more product to combat frizz and actually define curls. The hair becomes tangled in a short amount of time.

4. PATTERN POSITIVITY: The line was created to help foster “pattern positivity,” a term coined by the brand that means “loving your texture and type at every phase.”

How are you enjoying your Pattern hair care?