4 Brain Boosts Other Than Coffee

— September 02, 2020

If you're looking for a brain boost other than coffee, we have four amazing alternatives.

GUAYUSA TEA: This Amazonian tea contains a healthy balance of caffeine, healthy antioxidants and amino acids to prevent jitters and afternoon crashing. It greatly improves focus, memory and creativity.

OMEGA 3s: Pop some omega 3s (fish oil) to give your brain a boost. DHA. found mainly in oily fish, enhances memory protection and can help improve memory function. Also, get a little ginseng in the mix. It works well for mental clarity.

MATCHA TEA: Consider replacing a few of those consecutive cups of coffee with a healthier form of caffeine like matcha green tea. It has a better “caffeine high,” meaning it gives you a more calm rush, sans the crash and jitters of coffee-binging.

RHODIOLA EXTRACT: Rhodiola is actually an adaptogenic drug which means it increases resistance to stress. Who DOESN’T need that first thing in the morning? It also improves mental clarity and your ability to concentrate.

Tell us, would you ever give up your beloved coffee?

Photo: @ampernaskin