4 Anti-reversion summer styling tips

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Summer’s here. Is your hair adjusting well or are you a frizzy mess? If so, no worries. We have some fabulous anti-reversion, anti-humidity tips to keep you from poofing out of control.

1. MAKE SURE ALOE IS IN YOUR STYLER: Aloe naturally defines curls and adds quite a bit of hold. Ensuring that aloe is a part of your formula (included in at least the first six ingredients) will help your chances of maintaining defined curls and beating frizz.

2. BE STRATEGIC ABOUT WASH DAY: If scorching temps are ahead, try washing your curls at least two or three days before the hottest day of the week to allow your curls to “set” and maintain definition. Your curls are incredibly soft after washing and are usually no match for intense humidity.

3. SAVE THE OILS FOR WHEN YOUR HAIR IS DRY: Skip adding oils to your hair during the styling process, which can typically make your curls less prone to achieving maximum definition. When styling during summer months, you’ll want to achieve a “cast” while styling, which is that slightly crispy feeling you have after setting your curls under the dryer. This can easily be broken by simply scrunching your hair and adding a little oil once it’s dry. The cast will help your hair maintain it’s hold.

4. USE HAIRSPRAY: We’ve mentioned this many times, but we’re fans of hairspray in the summer months. It’s perfectly fine to use just a bit on your curls after styling to help create an anti-humidity shield.

How are you preventing reversion and frizz this summer?


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