— September 02, 2020

HAIRHEALTH Get leaner. Get stronger. Get healthier. Get longer hair. Sounds good? Read on. 1. INTENSE CARDIO: Hair loss, thinning and other scalp issues can arise during long-term times of stress. Cardio, including running and cycling, greatly de-stress the body and help prevent damage during times of high-stress. Think of it as a preventative measure. 2. HOT YOGA: Sweat it out, honey. Getting drenched helps release toxins in the body and maintain a healthy amount of sebum, which naturally keeps the hair and skin lubricated. Spending frequent time in the sauna will also have a similar effect. 3. BACK BENDS: Also known as bridge pose in yoga, these bends help increase the blood flow to the scalp, which increases oxygen flow. This can assist those suffering from hair loss and thinning. Photo: @yogabybiola