3 ways to quickly change the energy in your home

— September 02, 2020

Here's how our blog editor likes to keep the energy in her home peaceful and energetic.

SMUDGE ONCE A MONTH: "I LOVE sage. You can also use frankincense. Head to your local health food store and look for the smudging sticks. Burn the tip and wave the wand around your home, which helps purify the air and remove negative energy. It’s also great to use after you’ve gotten over a cold. I like to pray and speak affirmations while I wave the stick around my apartment, braless and covered in oils like an African princess. But that’s just me. Here’s what nobody tells you, though - sage smells like marijuana. You’ll need to open the windows to keep the air flowing. It goes away after an hour and it’s totally worth it."

INCORPORATE AN UNCONVENTIONAL SCENT: "Your typical scented candles are cool. Vanilla. Cotton Breeze. But try finding an unusual scent. I go out of my way to find scents that entice my senses and make me wonder. You have no idea how much a delicate yet interesting scent will change the perspective in your home. I’m in love with a Wild Honey incense I found, along with an Amalfi Coast candle I purchased in New Orleans. You want to look for scents that transport you, raise your creativity and arouse the giant in you."

CREATE ONE SACRED SPACE: "You must have one sacred space in your home. This is the one place where the bullsh*t seems to scurry away the moment you retreat there. For me, it’s a deep, round chair that I can curl up in and see the LA skyline from my window. It’s a cheap chair that I draped in fabrics and a soft, furry pillow. I nap there. I think there. I write there. I’ve cried there. It’s the one place in my home that gives me true peace. What's your place?"

~ @kimmygotsoul Photo: @victorycrystals