Taylor Winbush — May 11, 2021

Big. Bold. Bouncy. Fluff. That’s what roller-sets can deliver. Here are a few different styling methods for those with mid-length to long hair.
Photo credit: @_samiraa__

HOW TO DO A DRY ROLLER SET: If you’re the girl who loves a ‘fro with oomph, dry-rolling might be for you. Dry roller sets allow for more volume and fluff, similar to a dry two-strand twists. First, blowout your hair. Naturally, to do a dry roller set, your hair should be dry and your textures should be stretched. Follow up by using wrap papers to secure the ends on a set of flexi-rods or perm rods. Roll it “long,” meaning you should roll it with gaps. Use enough mousse or souffle to saturate the tress, but don’t completely drench it.

HOW TO DO A TRADITIONAL ROLLER SETTo begin creating your roller set, make sure your freshly cleansed and conditioned hair is drenched. Brush wet hair smooth after an application of your Sky Organics Bouncy Curl Cream mixed with a little of the oil/serum of your choice. Wrap small sections tightly around a medium-sized rod using end papers. This is especially important if you don’t have a fresh cut. The papers will ensure your ends dry smooth and frizz-less. Secure your ends on the rod with the papers, then roll the hair around the ends.

If you want longer curls, roll your hair with space in between and more like a long spiral. If you want more fluff and tightness, roll together with no space. Either way, try not to roll your hair on top of itself, because your curls will dry in a weird shape.

HOW TO DO A COILY ROLLER SET: Flexi rods are actually great for this look. They allow you to create a tighter spiral. The difference in styling here is that you’ll want to coil each piece before rolling it tightly around the roll. You can also use perm rods for medium to short-length hair. With either rod, the key is to ensure that your ends are saturated with product before unraveling.

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