3 Top Tips to Perfecting Your Air-Dry

Jan 21, 2019 Hair How To 0 comments

Properly air-drying your curls is a matter of using the right product. Here are three tips to using your OGX Coconut Curls Air Dry Cream on-the-go. 1. DON’T IMMEDIATELY APPLY YOUR PRODUCTS: After rinsing your conditioner, use a t-shirt to squeeze out the water from your curls before applying a leave-in, gel or cream. Most natural hair products are formulated to hold onto moisture, so you’ll extend your drying time if you apply them to soaking wet hair. 2. KEEP YOUR CURLS LOOSE: This one is common sense, but your curls need to be exposed to air to dry. Binding them in braids, twists, knots or ponytails will delay your drying time. Make sure your curls are free and they’ll dry faster. 3. MOUSSES AND LIGHT CREAMS DRY THE FASTEST: Naturally, mousses and lighter leave-ins dry faster than your usual stylers. Use your OGX Coconut Curls Air Dry Cream for a quick-drying TWA or loosely defined fingerstyle. It's formulated to dry fast with with tons of definition.


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