3 tips to testing your mousse

— September 02, 2020

MOUSSE Finding the right mousse means breaking a few in-store rules. Luckily, you have your Creme of Nature Curling Mousse to keep your curls in check. But if you ever need to test a mousse, here’s how. TEST IT IN THE STORE: If you’re thinking of trying a new mousse but you have pretty much no info on it, squeeze a pump into your hand. Try it on a patch of hair in the middle of your head, as this is usually the area that is the hardest to define. CHECK ITS IMMEDIATE DEFINING POWERS: You can feel the silkening powers of a good mousse immediately. On your patch test, you should feel like you can begin to mold your curls. Regardless of your type and texture, the best mousse should allow you to create a smooth coil during your test. SEE HOW WELL IT DRIES: A mousse that truly defines the hair dries fast. A mousse with a watery base will not only take longer to dry but will also leave the hair frizzy. Your Creme of Nature Curl Quench Foaming Mousse passes the test. It’s silkening, softening and works for every hair type. We recommend mixing a little with your Creme of Nature Hydrating Curling Cream for perfect twists, finger styles and coils. Do you test your mousse?