3 strengthening nut oils to add to your conditioner

Jun 12, 2018 Hair How To 0 comments

Got a conditioner that you love? Want it to have more strengthening power? Here are three nut oils you can add to any conditioner. Read on.

Turning any regular conditioner into a strengthening deep treatment is as easy as looking to the family of nut oils.

MACADAMIA: This oil improves elasticity, shine and strength by penetrating the hair shaft and absorbing directly into the scalp. It’s also high in omega-7, an essential fatty acid that helps to restore hydration in the skin and hair.

ALMOND: This oil is perfect to use for those suffering from hair loss or excessive shedding. It can also help with greying.

PEANUT: This oil is a master at relieving scalp dermatitis, scalp fungus and dandruff, all while strengthening the hair shaft and remedying split ends.

Try adding two tablespoons of each of these oils to a conditioner from one of your past (or current) curlBOXes.

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