3 Simple Tips to Reviving Your TWA

— September 02, 2020

Yes, even a TWA can look tired when you first wake up in the morning. Here are three simple tips to reviving your short cut and making your curls pop.

1. USE THE CIRCLE CLAW BEFORE STYLING: Take your dominant hand and make a claw. Perform a circular motion all over your head, similar to how you would use a sponge. For those that love the look that the sponge gives, the claw gives a similar effect for those who don’t want the tight coiled look. This light manipulation gently volumizes flattened curls.

2. USE MOUSSE TO REVIVE: Regardless of your texture/type, using mousse to revive the sides and the nape of your neck (if necessary) is helpful. If you’re not doing a wash-n-go or restyling your whole head, mousse dries fast and helps quickly restyle your coils.

3. ALWAYS OPT FOR A BONNET: With TWAs, a using a bonnet is key. This keeps most of your style in-tact overnight and won’t smash your curls like a traditional scarf. If you’re used to having to do a wash-n-go because of smushed curls, a bonnet will eliminate that.

How are you styling your TWA?

Photo: @misskaylamariah