3 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Coming Out Like the Style Tutorial

Myleik Teele — September 02, 2020

Do your curls never seem to come out like the style tutorial? Here are three reasons you're missing.

1. YOUR TEXTURE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE MODEL’S: Sure, we can all modify a style tutorial to fit our specific texture, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re working with totally different strands. This will likely change the products you’ll use, the amount of drying time and potentially the actual process.

2. THEY MAY HAVE “SKIPPED” THE ACTUAL FINISHED LOOK: For the sake of creating a good tutorial, many vloggers/influencers won’t show you the “first” finished look. They spend time making it look absolutely perfect before giving you that final look. These last minute touches may include wand-curling a section that didn’t turn out right, or rewetting and re-fingerstyling a batch of wayward curls. They could be hiding a fuzzy patch with some clever placed bobby pins. Always consider that more time went into creating that seemingly perfect result.

3. THEY MAY BE USING A FEW ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS: Yes, most influencers are using the products they share in their videos, but don’t discount the fact that they occasionally sprinkle in other products to ensure their hair looks great. These are usually finishers - products like pomades, hairsprays and gels.

Do you try style tutorials? Photo: @tierechristyan