3 Lazy Styles To Protect Your Hair From the Cold

— September 02, 2020

We want you to keep those curls quenched and healthy, so here are a few tips to doing lazier styles when it's too cold to think. 1. TWISTS + FEDORA: Two-strand twists or coils under a fedora is a ridiculously easy style. You can literally wake up, rip off your scarf and toss on your hat. Pull a few twists or coils forward for a cute bang situation. Scared your hat may fly off during the day and reveal your protective style? Take a pair of shears and, just under the brim of the hat on both sides, snip in two small holes, leaving a tiny strip in between, and use this cutout to bobby pin your hat to your hair. NOTE: You will have done the twists or coils days or even the night before. 2. HALO BRAID: When done tight enough with a creme or gel with great hold, a halos braid is a style-free look. Tie it up at night, and in the morning, simply get up, spray on a little sheen, and go. NOTE: You may decide to touch up your edges with a little pomade but that’s totally up to you. 3. PINEAPPLE HEAD WRAP: This is one of our favorites. When you’re literally refusing to do your hair and it’s shooting in every direction, use a head wrap to “pineapple” your curls. However, instead of tying it up like you would at night, do a double knot at the front and roll and tuck in the remaining pieces of fabric. You can get creative with the exact type of tucking you decide to do. Leave enough room for your curls to spring out of the top and roll down the fabric in the back just a bit. Photo: @brttneypatrce