— September 02, 2020

Now that we’re pretty much all on lockdown (save for our brave and beautiful essential workers), it’s a great time to really focus your haircare efforts specifically on GROWTH. We’ve written quite a few posts about deep treatments that you may have been too busy to try before, but now’s the time to whip them out. Take a look.

RICE PROTEIN: You’ve seen the craze sweep YouTube, and many of the claims of rice protein’s ability to boost growth are pretty legit. Using the fermented or boiled liquid on your strands helps strengthen your hair and retain length, which helps you “hold on to” longer hair. Here's how you do it.

BENTONITE CLAY MASK: A bentonite clay mask will help you detox strands and intensify or restore definition. You can find our special recipe here.

NUT OIL TREATMENTS: Adding a nut oil blend directly to your hair and scalp or via another product will really change your hair game. It softens, nourishes and instantly revives wiry, brittle hair that’s been over-processed. Some of our favs include almond, peanut and macadamia. Here’s our guide to using these luscious oils.

LIST OF ITEMS YOU’LL NEED: - Organic rice of any variety - Aztec Healing Clay or pure bentonite clay - Chosen nut oil(s): almond, peanut, macadamia, sweet almond - Apple cider vinegar - Distilled or filtered water Which one are you trying?