3 Ingredients You May Not Be Aware of In Your Aveda Platinum curlBOX

Sep 02, 2019 Hair How To 0 comments

Your Platinum curlBOX features a slew of amazing Aveda products. Do you recognize all of the diverse ingredients in your products? Here’s a breakdown of three we absolutely love.

ICELAND MOSS: Iceland moss and larch tree sap extract helps fortify the your strands and taming frizz. Moss is also an incredible source of amino acids, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron that immensely contributes to hair growth. You’ll find it in your Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo.

BURITI OIL: Certified organic buriti oil is harvested from the "tree of life" in Brazil. It’s meant to smooth coarse, frizzy strands and add shine to dull hair. It’s one of the main ingredients in your Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil.

MICELLAR TECHNOLOGY: You’re used to seeing micellar technology in a cleansing capacity. But the technology can also be used to keep curls from shrinking in intense humidity. You’ll find it in your Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher.

What are you using this Labor Day?


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