3 Edge Slaying Techniques For Every Texture

Bridget Anderson — March 24, 2021

What kind of an edge-slayer are you? Here are three ways to achieve every edge look from a light slay to an ultimate slay.


1. LIGHT NATURAL SLAY: For those with 3A - 4A curls, if you want semi-slayed edges that resemble a natural look, your best bet is to slather on a very light layer of your My Black is Beautiful Edge Slayer, and gently smooth along your hairline to give your edges just the slightest pop.

2. WAVY SLAY: If you want edges that look more like finger waves, you need a mixture of pomade and gel or pomade and mousse. Basically, your mixtures need to ensure that the hair is pliable enough to be styled this way. Apply your mixture to your hairline and use the brush end of a Baby Tress Edge Styler or another edge tool, and brush your edges in a quick waving fashion to create waves.

3. ULTIMATE SLAY: Your best edge slay can be created with a thicker layer of your My Black is Beautiful Edge Slayer. It has some SERIOUS hold. This is for those who want hyper-defined edges, editorial-esque edge swoops and loops, and incredibly sleek looks. Whether your hair is wet or dry, this pomade works like a charm.

How do you style your edges?